On my to-do list

We have less than 6 months to go! Whoo hoo! This also means I need to get things done, including:

  • first dress fitting (this is happening next week, I can’t wait!)
  • design wedding invitations (actually, my calligrapher Meagan Tidwell) is already working on this, hopefully we’ll get to see some ideas this week)
  •  meet with my vendors again to let them know I’ve changed my mind about so many things since we last spoke
  • continue making our music playlist
  • pick out wedding jewelry
  • plan our rehearsal dinner (I’m thinking of a black, white, gold and pink theme)
  • start thinking about the readings we want at our ceremony
  • buy my ticket for my bachelorette party

Okay, that might be it for now, though I  know I must be forgetting something…


186 days

My made of honor knows my wedding day countdown better than I do. It’s a little embarrassing and a lot of awesome. She’s awesome. I would just like to publicly thank her for being my maid of honor and for being really excited about all of the responsibilities that come with that role. You’ve been really supportive and far from a “yes” person, which is exactly what I wanted in a maid of honor.

Hey Kristina, remember way back in high school when we dreamt of being in each other’s wedding? Can you believe this is actually happening? Not gonna lie, it’s a bit surreal.

Thanks Kristina, you are the best!

Currently obsessed with: The Lumineers

Andrew and I are starting to pick out music for our wedding reception. Did I tell you we decided not to have a DJ? DJ’s are so overrated. We are going to set up an iPad with a playlist of all of our favorite songs and just hit play. I’m pretty excited about it. Anyway, every time I turn on the radio I hear “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers and I just can’t get enough of it. Their other songs are pretty awesome as well.


‘Tis the Season

Today we put up our Christmas decorations. We decided to forego putting up a tree because we don’t trust Kingsley. He has a tendency to tear up our rug and chew on any paper he can get his paws on, so we feared he might do the same with a tree. Maybe next year he’ll have out grown this destructive stage.  I really enjoyed picking out Christmas decorations and trying to decide what my “Christmas style” is, but, honestly, I’m still not really sure I have a Christmas style. Maybe traditional with glitter? Is that a style?  Maybe next year I’ll be a little more cohesive, or maybe not.

(Yes, my walls are orange. I thought it was a good idea at the time, but now I really can’t wait to paint them again.)




I think my favorite decoration is that adorable snow globe. It is also a perfect paper weight.


Andrew, Kingsley and I drove the excruciatingly long fourteen hours to my parents home in Minnesota for Thanksgiving. I haven’t seen my family since June, so it was really nice to get some face time with them. I also got to see my maid of honor and one of my bridesmaids among other great friends while we were there. Sometimes I forget how much I miss someone until I see them again.

My mom and I were also able to get some quality wedding planning done! We’v been trying to plan this wedding long distance, which is not always the easiest thing. We send each other a lot of pictures and links to wedding websites to try to get on the same page about what this wedding is going to be like. So, of course, it was really wonderful to finally be in the same place and to finally sit down and bounce some ideas off of each other. Currently, we’re trying to figure out how we are going to create and display escort cards-I know it sounds like such a silly little thing, but for some reason we are obsessing over it. The devil is in the details!

I was also able to try my wedding dress on! It was just as beautiful and perfect as I remembered it. I think I liked it even more this time, so I’m pretty excited about that.

In other news, Kingsley got sick on the road trip  and sat on my lap the entire 14 hours (both ways!) There was about a 2 minute break where he decided he wanted to help Andrew drive so I snapped this picture for ya!

June is so far away…

One of our engagement pictures, you can see more here!

Guys, I’m ready to be married already. Don’t get me wrong, I have been enjoying every step of the wedding planning stage, but I would just really love it if June were next month instead of 7 months from now.  I know time flies and I will probably feel like everything went by way too quickly when it is all said and done, but right now, in this moment, I just want to be able to call that really cute guy in that picture my husband.

Pink and Grey

I’ve gone back and forth a lot on our colors. At first it was grey and yellow, then just grey, then just pink, then pink and blue. Finally, I decided on pink and grey and I love it. Here are some of my favorite pink and grey inspiration pictures.




Grey and Pink Envelope

Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink Peonies 

Fringe Balloons 




Currently obsessed with: organic bridal bouquets




I can’t get enough of these oversized organic bouquets. I really love the small pink bouquets in the picture above…maybe my lovely bridesmaids will carry something similar! Also, I think I’ve changed my mind about 4 times already on what I want my flowers to look like. Good thing I have plenty of time to decide.


White oversized bouquet

Pink and yellow peonies 

Pink and white bouquets


I’ve been thinking a lot about my wedding invitations lately. We also just finalized our save-the-dates and I’m excited to get those in the mail in the next week or so. I have always had a bit of an obsession with paper products, and long before I new Andrew, I day-dreamed about what my wedding invitations might look like. The beautiful thing about wedding invitations, is that they set the tone for what your wedding is going to be like. It is the first glimpse you will share with your guests about what to expect at your wedding, which is why I’ve found it to be very difficult to actually decide on an invitation. There are so many beautiful invitations out there, but I don’t want just any invitation, I want it to be special and unique to our wedding. As difficult or ridiculous as it may sound, I really want our invitations to embody the tone and feeling of our wedding.


I know that we will be including a map in our invitation suite for sure! I love how beautiful and creative maps can be! I know most people will probably end up using their GPS to find our wedding location, but I feel like the map just makes the experience that much more personal and special. My aunt is an artist, so I’m hoping she’ll be able to design the map for our wedding!

Here are some of my favorite maps




Colorful Illustrated Map

Simple Map

Hand Drawn Map


Saying yes to a dress

I found my wedding dress the day after Andrew proposed. People who know me understand that this is not unlike me. My mom will tell you that I always know exactly what I want. I rarely ever second guess a decision which is why we went into this dress shopping business with a lot of confidence.

I should probably note that one of the main reasons that I found my dress the day after getting engaged is because we got engaged in Minnesota while visiting my family. Andrew and I live and Memphis, so my mom and I decided we might as well start shopping right away while we were together because it was super convenient, and also, how much fun is it to go dress shopping the day after you get engaged. Right?

I should also note that my grandma came along, and she so kindly offered to buy my dress. I love my grandma so much, so the fact that she was able to share this special experience with me and even buy my dress meant a whole lot to me.

So my mom made an appointment at this pretty well known wedding dress boutique in St. Paul. I actually used to drive by it all of the time while I was going to college up there. This shop has a lot of different styles of dresses, so we thought we’d have a great selection to chose from. We were told we could look around and pick out several dresses for me to try on. So of course my mom and I went a little crazy. I thought I wanted a strapless sweetheart dress with a little bit of poof. I decided I wanted to be a very classic bride.

After watching a thousand “Say Yes to the Dress” episodes, I had a lot of preconceived notions about what dress shopping would be like. I imagined that I would feel like a bride the minute I tried on a dress. I thought my mom or grandma might cry when they saw me. But, none of those things happened. It was fun, but there was no magic. I tried on a series of dresses, all looking pretty much the same. We slowly narrowed down our selection as our time quickly ran out.

The sales girl was very interested in rushing my decision along, insisting that all of the styles were the same. She almost pressured me into choosing the dress that I liked the most, but my grandma and I were pretty hungry and we don’t like to make decisions on an empty stomach so we decided to come back after lunch with our final decision. As we left the shop, I had a very sinking feeling that I just narrowly escaped making a very bad decision. The dress, though pretty, was just not me, nor was it what I had envisioned myself wearing on that very special day.

At lunch, I frantically searched for other dress shops near by on my phone. I called one shop that happened to be just down the street from where we were and they said that they had an opening. We were all so relieved and hopeful that this would be the place where I would find my dress.

At first sight, the shop was everything you would hope a wedding dress shop to be. It was filled with a few racks of absolutely stunning dresses. There were veils and jewelry and sashes displayed on beautiful tables. Walking into this shop, things suddenly felt more real and all of us would agree that we knew this shopping experience was going to be much more fun than our previous venture.

The sales girl that helped me, was one of the nicest people I have ever met. She truly made my experience magical. I tired on many different and very stunning gowns. I tried some of them on multiple times, before finally deciding on the dress. It turns out that I knew what I wanted all along, I just hadn’t found the perfect version of it until I tried it on at the last shop.

When I said yes to the dress, the shop owner popped a bottle of champagne for us all to drink a celebratory toast. Shopping for my wedding dress turned out to be the special, and memorable experience I had always hoped it would be. Now, I can’t wait until I can actually wear it!